A downloadable game for Windows

This was a game made for a summer program in 2016. It will never be updated but I do hope you enjoy the game!


Enter - start

W - forward thrust
S - reverse thrust
A - spin left
D - spin right

Space - fire bullets
Esc - back to main menu


F - infinite amo
M โ€“ destroy alien (must be pressed when alien is spawned)

How to play: 

1.Follow instructions displayed on screen
2.Wait for blinking to stop
3.Use WASD to control ship
4.Shoot asteroids for points with space
5.When 4 lives are used the game will end and you will be sent back to
the main menu

Known bugs:

1.The final ship is the one shown in the top left
2.Ship may spawn in asteroids a small amount of the time
3.Alien ships might have a problem with colliding into spawning player


Within the Intro to Game Design course  I was given the goal of recreating an arcade game. Each choice had its own advantages and difficulties. Asteroids, was a mid level choice as a first game, however it provided a good foundation for future projects. Game Maker provided me with significant tutorials to create a good looking and fully functional game of asteroids. While working on the project, other objectives were planned to add to the final such as; a start screen, a safe re-spawn, and an infinite amo cheat code. All objectives were completed in time for the turn in. In an attempt to create a god mode re-spawn would break so I could not facilitate this feature.

Learning to navigating Game Maker was the most time draining process that went into the making of this Asteroids game. As the first project, it was met with a large quantity of simple questions therefor, relatively simple code went into the creation process over a long amount of time. Iterative designs were the main product of all work put into the game. Graphical assets are all original and some audio was found to complete the library. While creating this game, a lot was learned such as time management and one way the development process can play out. From creating this game, the best take away is the ability to quickly prototype things in a two dimensional environment as well as not to over complicate something that required a relatively simple solution. To avoid mistakes in the future a more simple approaches should be taken.

Install instructions

Just launch the .EXE if you want to play the game. The source files have been added for those who would like to see how it was made!


Asteroids.zip 2 MB


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I love it! 9/10 (the asteroids were pretty big

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good boy